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Though I am not particularly certain I understand how this works, I received a nomination as a “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” which was honestly very touching and appreciated, so thank you SL at The Urge to Write. From what I can gather the process of this is to post the illustration above, and include 7 random facts about yourself in a blog post. Being as this space is one I try to keep connected to music, my 7 things will be 7 random facts associated with music about me:

7. My earliest song memory is of The Beatles album Rubber Soul, most specifically the song Norwegian Wood. I honestly do not remember a day when I did not know the song, and have joked that my Mother may have played it to me, her belly close to the stereo speakers, when I was In Utero.

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

6. When I was six years old I remember hearing Starland Vocal Band’s song Afternoon Delight playing often on the radio, especially when I was riding around in the car with my Mother. I loved the song and was certain that it was about ice cream and cakes, and an afternoon delight of indulging in such things. I remember not understanding at the time why my Mother and her friends thought my interpretation of the song was so funny.

Afternoon Delight

5. The first album I ever bought with my own money was the soundtrack to Xanadu. I was 11 years old, and it was paid for with saved up allowance money, all in coins that I brought to the record store in sandwich baggies, carefully counting them out for the amused clerk. At 11 years old I so wanted to be Olivia Newton-John, and Wonder Woman.


4. The first time I walked into a High School dance, Spandau Ballet’s song True was playing. I can still see and feel the memory so clearly, the basement of the church that the dance was held in, the way it smelled somewhat musty and too warm, the way the lights half-flickered, the sight of the boy I had unrequited adolescent feelings for dancing with his girlfriend. It is a terribly cliched memory, I know, made even more cliched by a similar scene in the John Hughes’ film 16 Candles, that said, it is still a very real memory to me.


3. I lost my virginity at the Drive-In (yes, the cliches carry on) while a terribly forgettable late 80’s film played on the screen. The boy I was with had the radio on, the music was turned down low, but I could still here it. Hall and Oates’ Missed Opportunities was playing, though I felt like I was missing nothing in that moment.

Missed Opportunities

2. A boy who would both delight me and break my heart terribly used to sing T-Rex’s Jeepster to me, saying for him the song was all about me. He wrote some of the lyrics on the back of my car’s window on an especially foggy, cold night, and in a love letter I still have folded up in a box. The song still makes me smile and remember the good memories of he and I, which there are many of.


1. Nearly all songs with my name in them, or in the title, are about death, loss, or mental illness. A good friend of mine who shares my name has discussed this with me and we are ever on the hunt for a song that deviates from this pattern. There have been very, very few exceptions found, but as time passes I continue to find more and more that fit into the death/loss category. My Mother says she named me after the film Laura, which is a story about a detective who falls for a (presumed) dead woman, and who the character of Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks) is inspired from. Me and artistic portrayals of death, I guess we go way back. Here are two examples (trust me, there are more):

Tell Laura I Love Her :: Ray Peterson

Laura (live) :: Bat For Lashes

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  1. Congratulations on your award. Your combination of writing, poetry, lyrics, stories and story are unique and beautiful. One can see the time, effort and detail you contribute. It’s lovely. Well done.

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