I’ll fall right in and keep you out :: songs and prose

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Tara McPherson “I know, what I know. I know, this last time around, I’ll hear it in my head real low, the only thing you ever know.” Been five days since he’s walked past the newsstand, choosing instead to travel half a block out of the way to avoid them, keeping his head bent low and hands tucked deep into pockets; there will be stories, he knows, misspelled accounts and accusations. They will drum up the vitriol spillings from that night, the scratches down his arms, her screams that echoed down the alley; he’d … Continue reading I’ll fall right in and keep you out :: songs and prose

She’s so dull :: song of the day

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Joshua Petker “Oh, you know her, “Miss Groupie Supreme”, yeah, you know her, “Vera Vogue” on parade. Red eye shadow! Green mascara! Yuck! She’s too much. She looks like she don’t know better, a case of partial extreme, dressed in a Robert Hall sweater, acting like a Soap Opera queen. Yeah,  she’s so dull, come on rip her to shreds.” It was my first trip away from home that did not involve family of some sort. A school trip, all of us piled in a much too hot bus that smelled of sweat, Bubble … Continue reading She’s so dull :: song of the day

A Very Inspiring Blog – thank you

Though I am not particularly certain I understand how this works, I received a nomination as a “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” which was honestly very touching and appreciated, so thank you SL at The Urge to Write. From what I can gather the process of this is to post the illustration above, and include 7 random facts about yourself in a blog post. Being as this space is one I try to keep connected to music, my 7 things will be 7 random facts associated with music about me: 7. My earliest song memory is of The Beatles album Rubber … Continue reading A Very Inspiring Blog – thank you