Why’d you sing with me at all :: songs and poetry


Paperback Letdown
(by me)

Another page is ripped away from a book I clung to for far too long,
a fairy tale story of a girl who had never-ending quests to fulfill,
and a string of dragons to slay for everyone who crossed her path.
Yet the demands of being a princess ever beckoned,
to be fair, true, and vulnerable to love’s twisted illusions,
while blood still dripped from her trying-to-hide battle-scarred hands.

How can one be both savior and damsel in distress?
Daisy-chains braided into my hair as a child were never to be the uniform for a lifetime,
even though I think I hung to the significance of those wispy, wild flowers myself,
painting one into my skin around a name never truly my own.
Perhaps that was my attempt to re-write the plot twists,
or at least give this girl a different kind of ending.

I have never been about a predictable happily ever after.

(live) :: Damien Rice

4 thoughts on “Why’d you sing with me at all :: songs and poetry

  1. I don’t know, but it all seems so personal. i don’t really know why things end and life turns out the way it does. i never thought much about the end…i guess i still waiting for mine to begin.

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