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Picture a place that’s far from danger,
a nicer place to cash your chips.
I’m not the one holding you hostage,
squeezed in-between my lips.”

Innocence and danger, the nightingale and the crow, the Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood and her Wolf – what is it about the dark that sends us heart-racing, pulse-throbbing, and chasing wildly after?

Is it a foolish notion, born of some kind of inflated ego, thinking we can save the sinner? Is that the remnants of a parochial school up-bringing? The missionary that could have been who gave up God years ago? Even after we break-up with our genetically imprinted idea of religions and fables, do we still think we can save souls, and weave straw into gold?

Or is it something deeper? Could it be our own self-loathing and self-destruction reflecting back to us from the eyes of a wolf, a thief, a rock star? Do we search hungrily for the hope and humanity in what we see, desperate to find our own worth in it all? The mirror, as we wipe our eyes and try to focus each morning, do we notice how it cracks into hair-line fractures – turning what we see into shards of everything we also fear?

We go out into the world and seek out the unattainable, keeping our eyes on the horizon, never letting ourselves settle completely into anyone. If half of a heart is anchored at the other side of the world, across an ocean, or pinned to a small screened image, can we ever fully let go and completely trust? Is this our universal, collective consciousness way to avoid being hurt?

It never really works out that way though. One can never out run hurt, not when the Beast, the Wolf, and the dark is in your own heart, and not when you are the one holding your own soul hostage.

We’re Not Supposed to be Lovers :: Adam Green

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  1. For the first time in my life i discovered something that i wanted only to find that was truly unattainable. It felt like this.

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