I’m happy to be your fool :: song of the day

you were right

Keep Art Alive :: “Laura 1969” :: Photograph by Martin Pulaski

And I was busy finding answers while you just got on with real life,
always hoped you’d be my wife.
But, I never found the time, 
for the question to arrive;
I just disguised it in a song.

And songs,
are never quite the answer,
just a soundtrack to a life,
that is over all too soon.”

A found photograph of a girl who shares my name, back in a time briefly before I was born. I catch a glimpse and I start coloring in the gaps and lines, filling in the blanks of where she is off to, and who is running through her mind at the moment of snap and click. The photographer notes that she is on her way to work, but there is more below the surface.

There is always so much more below our surfaces.

You Were Right (live) :: Badly Drawn Boy

2 thoughts on “I’m happy to be your fool :: song of the day

  1. Romantic Dominant – A faded romantic Dominant with a love of all things beautiful and a taste for the darkly sensual and decadent. A lover of music, food and wine, literature, theatre, film and art. A writer. Though not a good one. Of novels, shorts stories, songs and poetry. The written word is my joy and my curse. I am tall, silver haired, slender with piercing hazel/blue eyes and long, sensitive hands. I am neither handsome nor unattractive. I am a realistic dreamer, an idealistic pragmatist. I am a sexually dominant but patient and sensual lover. I adore intelligent, elegant, independent, beautiful women . I am not young. I am faded and fading. But if the music is playing, and the wine is good, and the stars are shining bright in a soft velvet night sky, and the light falls on me just right, then you might see the man who could break hearts. Well, if you have a very good imagination anyway ...
    Romantic Dominant says:

    Good old BDB. Should be bigger.

    1. lyriquediscorde – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles writer, mother, lover of music, books, film, tv, travel, cooking, jukeboxes, lists, themes, game nights, potlucks, coffee, letters, postcards, and conversation. Ever-evolving, learning, and changing. Every day is another opportunity to do better. 
      lyriquediscorde says:

      I so agree. I’m often puzzled why he isn’t, and often end up introducing (could be mistaken as pushing) his music off to people with a “please listen”. I feel like BDB received a bit of a buzz after the soundtrack to the Hornby film ‘About a Boy’ but it fizzled all too quickly.

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