Highway into the sunset

I’m lost, I said,
though I knew she was sleeping,
I’m empty and aching,
and I don’t know why.”

This is one of those songs that I remember vividly from my childhood, and yet, despite those long ago memories, I have new ones, as well. I have carried this song along with me and redefined it, over and again. The sign of an amazing song, at least to me, is one that transcends time and place, or even what the songwriter meant it to mean; a song that becomes something personal and self-referential, and permanent to one’s own life soundtrack. This is one of those songs that I have always been able to turn on at different points of my life and have found something new in it, discovered a different layer, and a revised me within its lyrics and melody. Today it feels full of longing, much like I feel within myself. It calls to an itch to not be inside walls, a call of the road, of the ocean and of movement. Today it sings directly to my gypsy soul.

America :: Simon and Garfunkel


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