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The Virgin Suicides (1999)


We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.” ~ The Narrator

I can’t breathe in here.” ~ Lux Lisbon

Adolescence is such a time of mystery, and there are so many levels and layers within a person that we never share with anyone, and that we never get to know in others. We are full of secrets, and we all love the mystery of others. This film, and book, capture that yearning to know, and the ways we connect, and fail at connecting. It is about not knowing as much as it is about answers, it is about the real and imagined truths, and it is about the light and darkness we cast at each other, and hide deep within ourselves.

At one time, or another, in our lives we could be those girls, or the boys who watch and wonder, and at times try to save them.



The five Lisbon sisters

Who have starred in our own mysteries of life? Who do we still shake to remember, or forget, knowing they will always stay stuck somewhere inside ourselves? Do we want all the answers, or is it better to not know everything – to fill in the missing pieces with the stains and limitations of our perspective imaginations?

Wait five minutes




This film is one of those rare exceptions where the cinematic version manages to capture the magic of it’s literary source beautifully. Sofia Coppola’s rendition of Jeffrey Euginedes’ novel of the same name is like a good cover song, both capturing the wonder and mystique of the original, but with the added artist painting it in her own shades and lenses. The film is beautiful, raw, intimate, tragic and mysterious; just as the boys see the Lisbon girls, I think. It does not answer every question, nor should it, instead it leaves you wondering and writing in your own reasons, just as the boys do as they grow older.

Oh, and the soundtrack by Air is stunning, and simply perfect.

The Word Hurricane :: Air

Playground Love :: Air


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  1. I really loved this film… it really is gorgeous… all about capturing a mood, a raw stage in life as much as about telling a specific story. Nice choice.

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