The thought of all the stupid things I’ve done :: song of the day


“Oh no, I see,
a spider web and it’s me in the middle,
so I twist and turn,
here I am in love in a bubble,
singing, I never meant to cause you trouble.”

Sometimes I hear a song that has been years in-between the last listen, and it gets to me in a different way than it ever did before. Our memories, perhaps they do not change, but the picture is shaken up sometimes; blurring the edges, but making the middle – a focal point – clear as day.

Sometimes we turn away, sometimes we squint our eyes and look closer. The feelings, they leave tiny lines on our skin that we may wish to cover up later. Regardless, we feel – I feel – and on the other side of it all, well each and every part, even the paths tangled and full of spider webs, are all part of who I am.

I never did mean to cause you any trouble, or to ever do you harm.

Trouble :: Coldplay

3 thoughts on “The thought of all the stupid things I’ve done :: song of the day

    1. Ah yes, the band everyone loves to hate, though I am still not completely sure why. I am very fond of their first album, and an assorted few songs from others. I think they were terribly over-exposed and also overrated, but there are still songs that mean something to me.

      1. I liked the first album, but they remained rooted to it. And they are undeniably bland. A Rush of Blood has just been voted the best album of the decade or something inane by BBC Radio 2 listeners which, believe me, says so much about their middle of the road-ness.

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