cherry waves joshua petker

Keep Art Alive :: “Cherry Waves” :: Art by Joshua Petker

You taste like tear stains,
and could-have-beens,
but I love a good train wreck.”

To be honest, I am tired of train wrecks; at least in the bright light spotlight everyone stop and stare variety. I am so sick of society’s fascination with despair, loss, pain and mistakes. I have turned on the television and see a young actor’s body being taken away to the morgue, and then gone online to see footage of a singer caught in her own house, faltering in addiction, and this is all breaking news and passed around precious gossip; all seen before a first cup of morning coffee.

These people are someone’s sons and daughters, someone else’s mother or father, these are someone’s best friends and lovers. They are loved by someone, and these stories told with such callousness, posing as entertainment, it must wound those who know them as so much more than their issues. Those stories cold one day be about you, or someone that you love.

Tragedy sells though, doesn’t it? Everyone loves a good addiction, a good scandal, a tragic ending. The press pays big for illegitimate babies, overdoses, divorce, and the ever-revered portrait of self-destruction. When rehab shows are the stuff of Prime Time, I just don’t know, I really don’t know. It all just makes me terribly sad.

Written in Blood :: She Wants Revenge

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