summer sleep

I would change for you baby,
but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a better man.
Give the ocean what I took from you,
so one day you could find it in the sand,
and hold it in your hands again.”

(by me)

Words spoken but unheard
instead the in-between spaces are filled in
without consent
with or without me there at all

Sleep comes like a cool breeze
in the middle of a long hot Summer
both soothing and full of escape
the other gifting this ease to me

I grow weary of the choices
my insides stinging like I have swallowed shards of glass
one asks for chance
the other for change
neither willling to let any of it momentarily go

Space to breathe with wordless sounds
only one is understanding my reasons and why
as the recalled pictures fade into focus
tangled sheets and staccato breaths exchanged
and the whisper that you did too

I am not trying to forget
nor rewrite and remember
just chasing after soft spaces in a dreamless dark
wrapping my skin in plastic disregard
pleading for a little silence

Sleep All Summer :: The National and St. Vincent

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