Ziggy Stardust :: Bauhaus

Ziggy played for time,
jiving us that we were voodoo,
The kids were just crass,
he was the nazz,
with god given ass


This used to be one of my favorites to dance to at Helter Skelter, skulking and spinning on the dance floor. I remember twirling around you, tracing the outline of your parting lips, and your arm wrapping around me, pulling me close, secret whispers in my ear. You enraptured me.

Today I listen to it and see both a memory, and a story, forming behind my eyes, perhaps to be written on another day; something to add to the “someday I will write this” list.


Ziggy Stardust :: David Bowie

Making love with his ego,
Ziggy sucked up into his mind.
like a leper messiah;
when the kids had killed the man,
I had to break up the band

4 thoughts on “He took it all too far but boy could he play guitar :: Under the covers

    1. It is really filled with Bowie, I’ve noticed, as well. Perhaps with the advent of his new album.

      You wore make up, too? Smiles. Boys in make-up.

      1. We all thought we looked good, I think. I have quite a few photographs from back then and some do look good, and others…well…chalk it up to youth. Smiles.

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