“It really gets to be a drag,
when all we really need is love.”

Every so often there is a song from my past that I have completely forgotten about, a song that slipped into the ether of put away albums, and never quite part of the quintessential era music. Sometimes we get a aural glimpse back and we feel that overwhelming need to hear it again, and again.

I love The Psychedelic Furs for many different reasons, and for many of their albums and songs. Some are known, and in some ways so over-played, yet they are still some of my favorite songs (see Pretty In Pink, Love My Way, Heaven, Heartbreak Beat, Ghost In You). And then, there are a few that perhaps are not so well-known, but still make my list of “oh my stars I love that song.”

Last night I stumbled on this song by accident, on a playlist spun of “alternative 80’s music, and I was both taken aback and delighted. Now I am spinning the Mirror Moves album, realizing that this may need to be my next My Favorite Album post (stay tuned).


Here Comes Cowboy :: The Psychedelic Furs

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