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And I don’t know who you are,
but I know what I would like you to be:
a one-night stand under stoned persuasion,
but a joy that I can’t hide.
Gently take my skull for a ride.”

I tend to hold most of my musical nostalgia for the 80’s, which I suppose is typical. I think we all veer toward the music of our adolescence when looking back and reflection in a musically inebriated memory way. So much of that angst and emotion in being a teenager is so fulfilled, comforted and elevated in music, isn’t it?

But, lately I have been remembering how much the music of the 90’s means to me. A different chapter in my life, and sometimes I think it was heavier in emotion, angst, mistakes and growing. We do a lot of falling, literally and figuratively, in our twenties. At least I know I skinned more than just my knees, and unraveled more than just sweaters.

Skull :: Sebadoh

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