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Soundtrack and music are the basis, the plot, the through line, and the heart and soul of the film Once. This is the closest to a musical that a non-musical movie has ever been, and for me there is no way to even write about Once without the music playing in the background. All the stories I have crafted in my head while listening to a myriad of songs, this is a cinematic coming to life of that kind of creation. A musically beautiful film about love and longing, and “what might have been“.

Once Trailer


Leave :: Glen Hansard


Timing is everything, at least that’s what they say, but what happens when two people meet by chance, by accident, and connect in ways they did not expect? Musical connection, a cord winding and wrapping around them that leads to friendship, shared dreams, and attraction. But if they cannot be together, if that is a nowhere possibility, should they leave, or stay, just this once?

If You Want Me :: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

When Your Mind’s Made Up :: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova,
with scenes from the film

When the shit falls,
all you want to do is run,

This is my favorite song from the film, it is one that never ceases to make the tears come from my eyes.


Do I watch the film and wish for a different ending? Yes, though I know for these two there is no other way to go, right then, in what we see. I suppose I sometimes watch and fill in a later time, a someday, where their mind’s may change.


Say It To Me Now :: Glen Hansard

And, if you’ve got something to say,
say it to me now.”

I am awfully fond of this one, too; yet another track from the film that makes me cry, a song that rips and tears, getting right to my core.


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