I go through all this before you wake up :: song of the day

audrey horne

I follow with my eyes ’til they crash,
imagine what my body would sound like,
slamming against those rocks,
and when it lands,

will my eyes be closed,
or open?”

Last night I dreamt I was trying on sweaters in the dressing room of this thrift shop that once resided right off the curve of the Orange Circle. Audrey Horne was there, the character that is, and she crawled underneath the door, and came in. There was kissing against the mirrors and I was never quite sure if it was me, or if I was someone else.

Hyperballad was playing in the background, and I thought to myself what a sexy song this is, and Audrey leaned back and said “I’ve always thought so, too.”

It was on my way to work today, listening to an old mix CD given to me by an ex-lover, that Hyperballad came on. My life is often met up with musical synchronicity, or perhaps it is the way I process the world. I don’t know, but it did make me smile, even if my cheeks did blush a bit at the thought of sweaters, dressing rooms, cherry lips, and David Lynch characters.

Hyperballad (live) :: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Hyperballad (live) :: Bjork

Audrey’s Dance from Twin Peaks :: Angelo Badalamenti

2 Replies to “I go through all this before you wake up :: song of the day”

  1. God I loved Twin Peaks – one of the few US series that has really entranced me. Absolute must see TV before we could record and watch whenever we wanted.
    Inside your head must be a fascinating place.
    PS Love the energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the sheer originality of Bjork


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