farewell christian schloe

Keep Art Alive :: “Farewell” :: Art by Christian Schlo 

(by me)

Monterey Avenue,
five and dime,
she would hide lipstick cases,
pretty pink pearl,
in the deep pockets,
of hand-me-down jackets,
three older brothers,
calling names,
always growing.

There’s a girl in here,
you know,
under the long sleeves,
and grass stain knees.

She tells secrets to imaginary,
friends and foes;
sometimes they fight each other,
duel at dawn,
those nights she can’t sleep,
bottle crash,
you dirty whore,
clash crash smash,

But, her Mother smells of rose water,
lights candles for the neighbor’s sick boy,
and Aunt Louisa,
with her nine month sin.

Someday the hatch will open to the sky,
and she’ll sprout wings,
grow bold,
packages of promise tea,
and a one-way escape,
for she and me.

Close your eyes and you will see.

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