Pennyroyal Tea :: Kristen Hersh


I’m so tired I can’t sleep,
I’m a liar and a thief

He used to lie next to her with notebook and pen in hand, writing way past late into the night, his arm resting languidly across her exposed hip. He loved the paleness of her skin. Sometimes he would slide the pen up and off the blank sheets of paper and spell out short verse on her skin. She would try to sit up, strain to see what the words said, but he would always cover his work, lean over her, pushing her softly back down on the bed, distracting her with feather-soft kisses down the curve of her spine. He rarely slept, neither did she. Sleep was a thief he would say, stealing all those unused hours that we could be creating in. By the light of the moon, with yet another album spinning circles and sounds, they would dance, naked, trembling. She would ask him in soft, subdued tones, if he ever wrote about her in those notebooks and he would just smile and pull her close to him. “Oh my baby doll, all I ever write are lies, but you are my truth.”

Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld,
so I can sigh eternally.”


Pennyroyal Tea (live) :: Nirvana

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    1. Kristen was part of Throwing Muses (started with Tanya Donelly, carried on without her at one point). Your Ghost is my favorite of hers, a duet she did with Michael Stipe. Also Me and My Charms is wonderful.

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