the veil

Keep Art Alive :: “The Veil” :: Art by Kelly Haigh

Vows and Vines
(by me)

Within the confines of a happy ending,
there are weather worn pages,
underlined words,
things that will be thrown in the air,
into the fire,
used as a slap stain lullaby

The blemish of love leaves a mark,
branded promises and self starvation,
count the rib cage ladder,
your default switch,
she sure sings pretty,
swallowing last Winter’s snow.

All the while he leads the razor blade parade.

We are all still topsy-turvy,
a jump and swing all sewn in,
to how we breathe and sleep.
A ring on her finger,
a noose around her neck,
they don’t make a pill for this.

They don’t make a word for this.

Somebody That I Used to Know :: Gotye, featuring Kimbra

5 thoughts on “But felt so lonely in your company :: songs and poetry

  1. Thank you for posting that video. I have never actually seen the video before. I fell in love with the song on the radio. It’s actually very beautiful. I love how the girl softens and then shouts and then softens and then shouts. It really does remind me of a true reaction in a strained relationship.

    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback. I loved the song from the first time I heard it, and it still holds significance and feeling to me. I agree, it is very beautiful, bittersweet and powerful – and I agree, very evocative of the breakdown of a relationship.

  2. Hey there, I stumbled on your page when searching for Kimbra. I’m into music and songwriting as well and have really enjoyed your writing – the imagery you create is beautiful. Kimbra’s one of my favs and I recently posted something on my page

    1. It does have a haunting quality, especially (for me) the dynamics of quiet to powerful, from almost inaudibly soft to belting out, almost as an emotional release.

      Thank you so much for your compliment on my writing, it means a great deal coming from you.

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