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Mis-matched Wish You Were Here
(by me)

Bring me your hothouse flowers,
drop them down,
in that bees knees,

And I will wait,
refund my round trip ticket,
as we spin three times,
to touch ground.

Say goodnight Ava,
say let go Lucy,
a rosy cheeked girl in black and white,
her fragile bones could break,
in this dust cloud.

With her fairy tales,
and pillowcase costume,
all a ghost dream,
to you now.

We grasp hands,
make wishes on a bent tree branch,
the blossoms are dry and blowing,
past last week’s disaster.

And she signs her name on the inner most lining of a dragonfly wing.

As it buzzes,
and spirals,
full of her bullet proof lies,
and cigarette burns.

You know,
tomorrow she could be,
some trailer park bride.

With hypnosis,
and a full pot of coffee,
making decisions on the back side of napkins.

They held her place in line,
in this nature of love,
as we raise the dead,
with hopscotch chalk.

These mistakes will be memory,
and you know I made so many.

Stay (Faraway, So Close) :: U2

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