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Breathing Wind
(by me)

May I take a sweet sojurn,
in the curve of your arm,
lie there,
staring into your eyes?

I would like to waste the hours away taking in the scent of your hair,
falling all over the pillow,
next to me.

You know,
I dream of you,
walking towards me,
your lips parting to whisper that I need not wait any longer,
for this bliss.

My visage of another day,
without you,
I just go through the motions,

No one really seems to notice,
nor care.

I think they could efface all that I am,
re-create my spot,
live without.

Or maybe that is just my wish,
what I could do.

And in this,
my sorry try at poetry,
my declaration of confusion,
of love,
and wanting,
can you read between the blurry lines,
find what I really mean to say?

This is newborn,

But, so many

this is newborn,

But, so many things could crash apart the ways,
and the means.

I want to keep it as is,
not diminish;
turn on the transistor and dance.

I know you are rare.

I know you are not as far as you seem.

I know that this is all I breathe.

and again.

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