Friday Five :: I’m gonna chase the sky forever

Silver Stallion :: Cat Power

Friday Five

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. Driving through the desert in the middle of the night, just on the outskirts of the Las Vegas lights, singing-a-long to a mix tape with you, and you leaning across saying “I want this night to last forever.”

2. That I have a musical crush on Chan Marshall’s voice. It is a little bit rough, with a slight sting to it, like a shot of whiskey late at night at some anonymous dive bar. It is a bit sweet, with a sensual slur to it, like early morning kisses that start out tentative, but lead elsewhere eventually.

3. Songs that tell stories, like this one, that feels filled with stories just waiting to be written. This song feels like a life ready to be lived, chomping at the bit, clanging a set of keys together impatiently waiting to go. It is heart-racing, skin-prickling, delicious moments that you will always remember, the kind of times you whisper to your best friend, or confess to the pages of a locked diary.

4. It takes me back to that desert night, back where we began, middle of the night, side-by-side, the moon and all that neon casting colorful patterns on the water’s surface. You had asked the security guard to let us into the pool, saying something in confidence, a shared smile exchanged, and then the gate was opened. It was the setting of the perfect first kiss, and it was just that, one of the best ever.

5. Chan’s voice reminds me of one of the characters I am writing, a small secondary one that shares two key moments with the lead character. She is a singer, too, and a late shift waitress with a name tag that says Cherry – not her given name, an assumed one, borrowed and/or stolen from Cherry Valance, from the Outsiders.


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