All I wish is gone away :: songs and poetry


Keep Art Alive :: “Lifeboat” :: Art by Kris Lewis

(by me)

Too many nights have come in-between,
she tears the letters one-by-one,
watches them slip through her fingers,
falling along the wax and flame.

They say that all you have to do is find it,
all this time she spent digging up the dirt,
of her past,
and her namesakes.

Still not finding a place,
to belong.
It is not in the arms of family,
she knows that now.

She carves the words Dad and Mom,
in her tears,
in her blood,
in her regret.

She crumbles the pictures from a faded book,
rips at them with her teeth,
curses the smiles that glare back up at her,
the lies they shout.

The air is full of the cold embrace of alone,
she wraps it around her,
wondering where the warmth is she remembers so well,
that never ending bliss of going numb.

She traces the lines on her arms,
feels the sting  of each indiscretion,
longing for that escape once more.
She knows she is falling (again).

The wick burns itself out,
and she yearns to catch its fading light,
to shrink herself down,
burn herself out inside of  the ashes.

She measures the choices of her life,
in front of her,
curls herself up in a tightly wound ball,
and sings.

To Wish Impossible Things :: The Cure

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