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There are an infinite number of reasons why I love this movie the way  I do, spanning the ways and means of the personal, the cinematic, the writing, the characters, the cast, and, of course, the music. Norah is among a small list of fictional characters that I relate to so deeply they often feel like watching reflections of pieces of me in Norah. The music is the thing, and the thing, as in the music, is wonderful. Songs that feel plucked out of playlists I listen to, weaving in and out of a story of friendship, self-awareness, letting go, letting someone in, finding your voice, your confidence, your musical match, and falling in love again.



A five minute boyfriend/a first kiss.

This is my song” dance

Dancing is one of those times when you have to let yourself go, and let that self-critical, self-control side of oneself just go away. There is awkwardness, but you can also see the tease of letting go between them, the very cusp of a connection, and of a recognition of something between them.

We are the Jerk-Offs

The power of a live show, and the undefinable connection that can sometimes happen between musician and audience member, is as powerful as any other chemical reaction; musical chemistry in action.



Another movie that takes on a story in one night, and what a one night adventure in a city can do. It is a plot device/genre that I adore, as quite a few movies on my list of favorites can attest to. Nights lost to chasing after someone, something, or that ever elusive perfect moment, is also relatable. I think most of us have had those kind of nights, and looking back I can honestly say they were magical.



In the studio” with Nick and Norah
(I love the song in this scene, so much – How to Say Goodbye)

How to Say Goodbye :: Paul Tiernan


After Hours :: We Are Scientists

Very Loud :: Shout Out Louds

Lover :: Devendra Banhart

Last Words :: The Real Tuesday Weld


I love the story of Nick and Norah, definitely on my list of my favorite love stories, as well as favorite story in one night films.



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