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The recent discovery of the Channel E4 TV program My Mad Fat Diary has me longing for, and spinning copious amounts of 90’s music. The songs themselves are loaded with memories from my life, which comes at its own cost, in fair trade of good and bad. But I am up for it this week, the give and take of what the music brings to mind, as a part of me is also re-discovering the music again, as well. Music, like other art forms, can mean so many things at different times in our lives, and with each re-introduction we bring along what time has gifted us, also both of good and bad, and it shines and shadows our perceptions of what we hear, and feel.

Blur was a favorite, though it was also a band heavily debated over in my then circle of friends. Ever a musical agnostic, I have always loathed the battles between bands, and their subsequent fans, as I am a firm believer in loving what you love and not giving a fuck if the albums you adore would get on at a party, or not. I mean, I would like to believe that my never-ending playlists would include some songs that would want to get hot and heavy in the backseat, or a back closet at said party, but some might want to engage in a brawl, or at the least, a battle of wits. So be it, just so long as I can keep the music playing.

So, without further ado, here are my top five Blur songs:

5. Beetlebum

She’ll suck your thumb,
she’ll make you come,
coz, she’s your gun

Sensual and sexual, in Damon’s vocals, in the lyrical refrains, and Graham’s guitar work, and in Alex’s bass guitar, and just all together now. I could get drunk off this song alone, sans anything else. This song gives me everywhere chills.

4. Country House

I’m a professional cynic,
but my heart’s not in it

A mid-life crisis in a song, the image shaken and stirred with a heavy shot of regret. But she comes through the door, all crushed velvet and bright red lipstick, promising some kind of jaded optimistic seduction. They dance together in traded handwritten love letters, stamped and mailed, to his country home, from her too small city apartment, back in those “back in the day” days.

3. Sing

I can’t feel cos I’m numb.”

I used to long to be numb. I used to chase after anything that could make me numb. Music, though, it always made me feel everything, the only thing I never wanted to turn off.

2. Parklife

They love a bit of it.”

We used to pile into my “on its last legs” beat up car and drive around with the music turned up high. I remember one night, chasing down a party, or a downtown rave, this song playing, all of us taking turns singing the “parklife” bit. We shared a pack of clove cigarettes, and a bottle of cheap rum, between us.

1. Coffee and TV

Take me away from this big bad world,
and agree to marry me,
so we can start all over again

This once was a song that was “our song“, and it still carries the stain of that, and the memory. We did marry as a means to start over, and for a spit spot moment in time it did start over, until we fell right back apart. Though I do not miss the us we became, sometimes I miss talking, laughing and singing with you.

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  1. I do love Blur – it’s like they’re grown up with me. I’d probably remove Parklife from this list and replace it with This is a Low. But good selections!

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