Behind Curtain #1
(by me)

Alphabet Betty Louise,
she stacks bricks and blocks,
surrounds herself with book pages,
poster board group projects,
always the only one taking notes.

Her backpack filled,
with broken bone excuses ,
of a Mother who shares her first name,
sings Bob Dylan while spinning ,
three ice cubes full.

Every girl needs a new dream.

Rocks and peanut butter,
sticks and stones,
inherit hand me down insecurities,
worn backwards,
inside out lemonade stand advice.

Comes to the backdoor,
hidden under the stairs,
when she closes her eyes ,
the devil arrives,
with hands and fingers and fists.

Every girl needs a new exorcism.

Lose yourself in the painted blue bathroom,
cool tiles on goose pimpled skin,
one day she’ll cross tic tac toe mountain,
alone with a please and thank you grin,
a penny arcade gun.

Knock six times on his caved in skull,
she runs with fruit flies,
and the matchstick man,
slip and fall diamond disorder,
dance until it all fades away.

Every girl needs a new way to die.

Scar Tissue :: Red Hot Chili Peppers

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