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Keep Art Alive :: “This is the End” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

(by me)

Tallulah can have the monkey,
and you can drive the clown car.
We’ll meet halfway between Hell,
and the Disneyland park-and-ride,
wearing the masks of junkies,
and virgin brides.

Our lies drip thick and syrupy,
clogging up the cracks and crumbles,
of age and lonely exchanges.
He whispers things will be just fine,
oh my beautiful mistake,
it will all be just fine.

The calliope becomes her lullaby,
nursing wounds and a window sill suicide.
Patch up the holes in your arms, baby,
tie on the slings and arrows,
the stolen paper back novels;
the pages will light our great pyre.

We hold fingers and coin fountain wishes,
put six thousand miles between our skin,
our sin.
She’ll tuck feathers in a box of crayons,
in the escape hatch,
we may need this to find our way back home.

My monkey,
my carnival ride,
my ten dollar shoes.

We’ll all fall in line when the candy man comes.

200 More Miles (live) :: Ryan Adams with Cowboy Junkies

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