The Girls Have It :: A Playlist

wonder woman

The Girls Have It :: Six Days That Got Away :: A Playlist
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Pretty Good Year :: Tori Amos
Atomic :: Blondie
That’s How I Knew the Story Would Break My Heart :: Aimee Mann
She’s Got You :: Patsy ClineI Can’t Be With You :: The Cranberries
Secretly :: Skunk Anansie
Love is a Stranger (cover) :: Martha Wainwright
What Makes You Happy :: Liz Phair
Wishing He Was Dead :: The Like
Laura :: Bat For Lashes
The One That Got Away (acoustic) :: Katy Perry
Rise Up With Fists!!! :: Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins
The Killing Jar :: Sioxsie & the Banshees
Malibu :: Hole
Rid of Me :: PJ Harvey
When Doves Cry (cover) :: Patti Smith
Everything I Got In My Pocket :: Minnie Driver
The Ship Song (cover) :: Lissie
Last Day of Our Acquaintance :: Sinead O’Connor
School Night :: Ani DiFranco
Special :: Garbage
Don’t Get Me Wrong :: The Pretenders
Halo :: Beyonce
She Cries Your Name :: Beth Orton
Cowboy Romance :: Natalie Merchant
Maybe an Angel :: Heather Nova
Everybody Loves Me But You :: Juliana Hatfield
Some Jingle Jangle Morning :: Mary Lou Lord
Fake Plastic Trees (cover) :: Amanda Palmer
Both Sides Now :: Joni Mitchell

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