Come sail your ships around me :: songs and poetry

Keep Art Alive :: “The Lookout” :: Art by Kelly Haigh A Girl and Her Blues (by me) The blows are unexpected, they sneak in through a left open window, or bleed out from the contents of a song, leaving behind purple rising bruises, in places marked easy-to-hide, because this is the kind of pain meant to be kept solitary. Like ghost ships full of forgotten treasure, that only I can see, after a five shot night of whiskey, or a twist tryst with someone who calls you by every name, but your own. As if my face casting shadows … Continue reading Come sail your ships around me :: songs and poetry

Sing this corrosion to me :: song of the day

Keep Art Alive :: “Bird Girl” :: Art by 2H “I got nothing to say I ain’t said before, I bled all I can, I won’t bleed no more.” Sometimes it takes the simple action of stepping away from a situation to find the perspective that you felt you were lacking. That whirlwind of overwhelm and convoluted emotion can take you over, drag you down, and steal from you all that passion and inspiration you once were full of. I feel as if recent things have become the eruption and implosion of the past ten years. That I had held … Continue reading Sing this corrosion to me :: song of the day

The Girls Have It :: A Playlist

The Girls Have It :: Six Days That Got Away :: A Playlist Listen here on Spotify Pretty Good Year :: Tori Amos Atomic :: Blondie That’s How I Knew the Story Would Break My Heart :: Aimee Mann She’s Got You :: Patsy ClineI Can’t Be With You :: The Cranberries Secretly :: Skunk Anansie Love is a Stranger (cover) :: Martha Wainwright What Makes You Happy :: Liz Phair Wishing He Was Dead :: The Like Laura :: Bat For Lashes The One That Got Away (acoustic) :: Katy Perry Rise Up With Fists!!! :: Jenny Lewis & … Continue reading The Girls Have It :: A Playlist