Hit the Ground Running :: Smog
Friday Five

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. A “New Year” is just around the corner, a mere eight days away, and though this year in my life was a mis-matched case of doubt and delight, I am feeling very good about most of my life now, or at least hopeful. I am ready for the idea of a new start and I am hoping that I’ll hit the ground running.

2. That I am tired of bitterness and feeling held in a state of limbo. So many of the voices around me on a near daily basis are filled with pessimism and dark clouds – and though I have them myself, I’m tired of it. It rots all of who you are, and I’m in no mood to go rotten.

3. I love discovering/re-discovering music I didn’t know about the day before. This morning it was this song that I stumbled upon, and have listened to on repeat for the better part of an hour. Everyday is another chance to fall in love with a new song.

4. If you could leave today and go anywhere at all, where would you go?

5. That it is the smog in the sky that makes for the breathtaking sunsets, here in the city, and that there is beauty in ugliness, gorgeousness in flaws, and that every lovely thing has its darkside flip side.

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