FLTS :: Is it any wonder

Come On Over (Turn Me On) :: Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell

Tell me baby,
tell me pretty lies.
See the spider,
been out catching flies.
Will you leave me?
I know it won’t be long,
before you,
come on over,
turn me on

Fucking love this song Friday

4 thoughts on “FLTS :: Is it any wonder

  1. Stop it… you’re killing me with the music today! Another one of my favourite songs and live acts. This is just dirty, sexy and smouldering. Make sure to turn up the volume. Love it.

    Ok, I’ll leave you alone now 😉

    1. No need to leave me alone…I love the comments/feedback.

      It is all of those things and more…so sensual, and the blend of their voices, Mark’s gravelly depth and Isobel being delightful and sexy…yes…play loudly!

      Glad you are enjoying the music.

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