Just a voice inside your head :: songs and poetry


Keep Art Alive :: “Waterfalls” :: Art by Joshua Petker

(by me)

I hold out my styrofoam personality,
and I try to be glass:
willing you to see me,
to know my thoughts,
like I imagine I know yours.
I am a sponge,
soaking up every movement,
all the twitches and tremors,
translating them into what you want,
whether I am right,
or wrong.
I sweep up the floor around us,
paint a new day for you,
with the colors I caught in your eyes whilst you slept,
whisking around in a dream,
and from your sound of your breath.
The tone of voice I choose to use,
reflection of my sonar intuition,
excavating the air in your lungs.
And, I expect it,
from you,
to read through my crunchy and brittle exterior,
to see inside,
pull out the hows and whys from between my ribs,
wander through the maze of my mind,
to know what I need,
even though I don’t know at all.
I have not the time to see,
too blinded by my furious race,
to make answers out of you,
to make you happy,
to make this glass house stay,

The Glass Parade :: Cary Brothers

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