We lean against railings, 
describing the colours, 
and the smells of our homelands, 
acting like lovers. 
How did we get here? 
To this point of living? 
I held my breath, 
and you said something.”

This Is Love & You Said Something

Have you ever truly noticed the immense power of words? How something can be said, even a few syllables, in person, in a letter, typed, written, whispered, bled, and everything can just change, or everything can stay the same, go on, or not. But those words, no matter how you try to set them free, they live in the deep folds of your skin, in the taste of life, in the wallpaper of your soul.

I know, for me, I have this insatiable need for words, for that language to ricochet from all corners of my mind, my ears, my lips. I always feel the deep recesses of who I am, overwhelming, over-flowing. I always have so damn much to say, and so much I want to have said. I want to be the catalyst for all the words of everyone to come spilling out, all over, all over me. I feel this need to know, to know so much, to learn, and to hear the flowing of words, again and again.

I hold so many words that have been said inside of me. They sneak out in so much of who I am; in my breathing, in my writing, in the way that I think, and the way that I react. So many nights I lie in bed, sleepless, replaying so many words, over and over. I dissect too much, I evaluate too much. I read too much into words. But, it is who I am, it is  how I am; my own breed of insanity, I suppose.

You Said Something (live) :: PJ Harvey

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