All things go, all things go :: A Playlist for the road

All things go, All things go: They don’t love you like I love you: A Midnight Drive Playlist Listen here on Spotify Maps :: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Roads :: Portishead Chicago (acoustic version) :: Sufjan Stevens Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (cover) :: Keane and Faultline Middle of the Road :: Pretenders Night Drive :: Jimmy Eat World Drive :: Bic Runga Lake Shore Drive :: The Innocence Mission Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By a Go-Go Remix) :: Poe Drive (alternate version) :: Aberdeen Drive :: R.E.M. Wheels :: Foo Fighters Car Crash :: Tricky Crash :: The Primitives Car Trouble :: … Continue reading All things go, all things go :: A Playlist for the road

Stop before you fall :: songs and poetry

At the Dock’s Edge (by me) This isn’t anarchy, your irresponsible twists and turns, still hovering in that savage state of mind. It isn’t sexy, the violence that you exude from every pore, destroying the every essence of us. There were times when passion saved it, the mistakes of chemical reaction binding our hands, but the doors are closed and our eyes stapled shut now. Though here you sit staring into your crystal ball, like the flurries of smoke and ash could tell the future, like that could even pull us through. Today it smells of strawberries, the finality of … Continue reading Stop before you fall :: songs and poetry

Top Five Tuesday :: Oh these sour times

Top Five Tuesday :: Portishead Truly some of the most sensual, seductive and downright sexy music has come from the ethereal avant garde trip hop sounds of Portishead. For me, it was Portishead, followed shortly after by Massive Attack, that had me falling hard for trip hop, and how could I not? It felt like this delicious blend of jazz, acid house, cabaret, electronica and New Romantic sounds had all come together to soothe and seduce the world – and I was definitely both, soothed and seduced. Beth Gibbons voice is breathtaking, and at times, completely unnerving. It is hard … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday :: Oh these sour times

Palma Violets :: 180 :: New Music Review

Palma Violets :: 180 I feel the “next big indie thing” bandied around all too often, and this debut album, and band, have the trappings of that, I can hear it in the first two tracks, and find myself picturing them gracing the cover of the NME. I try to avoid the music press at all costs, which is ironic, I know, since I myself review music, but it is all too often that bands and artists are raised to the high hopes of heaven, crowned and revered, especially in the “indie” circles, and then slashed and dashed down to … Continue reading Palma Violets :: 180 :: New Music Review

Some of them, they surprise :: video of the day

E-Bow the Letter :: R.E.M. and Patti Smith “I wore it like a badge of teenage film stars, hash bars, cherry mash and tinfoil tiaras; dreaming of Maria Callas, whoever she is. This fame thing, I don’t get it. I wrap my hand in plastic to try to look through it, Maybelline eyes and girl-as-boy moves. I can take you far. This star thing, I don’t get it.” Continue reading Some of them, they surprise :: video of the day

Did I dream you dreamed about me? :: song of the day

“On the floating, shapeless oceans, I did all my best to smile, ’til your singing eyes and fingers, drew me loving into your eyes.” Song to the Siren, the song rushes through me, sends the waves of memory deep into the pores of my skin; into those deeper parts of me. I sit back and  my eyes close. I let the music flood me with images, sights, smell, and tastes. I take in the overwhelming collision of what this song brings back, to me. We are driving over the bridge from San Francisco to Oakland, the sun is going down … Continue reading Did I dream you dreamed about me? :: song of the day