Friday Five :: He don’t care for high-tone places

My Baby Just Cares For Me :: Nina Simone
Friday Five

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. Las Vegas in 1996, a last minute decision trip, and the girl I was, all dyed black hair and record store sensibilities, bad habits and romantic naivette.

2. That first night, middle of the night, or maybe it was closer to very early morning, I sat in that aging casino and discussed music with someone I had just met. There was all this noise all around us, the clanging of change spitting out of slot machines, the jangly machines themselves, the buzz and hum of the clusters and crowds, and yet it seemed like it was only the two of us there, talking.

3. That same night recalled, how the discussion of love songs came up, and our ideas of what would make the perfect love song. This was the song he chose. He said the song felt like that kind of feeling you get when you first fall for someone, and how, for a moment, everything disappears, or matters less, except for that other person.

4. Another memory from that trip, a day or two later, the boy I had me, we ran into each other again, and as we walked off together, he started humming this song as he reached to take my hand. It was one of those moments that seemed insignificant at the time, but later, on recollection, meant something.

5. The way whiskey feels on cold nights, with flashing lights causing everything to glow unnaturally, adding to that surreal feeling of a little too much to drink, and a lot of unspoken desire, and how that same whiskey tastes on the lips of someone as you share a first kiss together.


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