A letter found from a time far away now
(by me)

Your love is conflicting, overpowering,
thick and sticky,
it gets caught in my hair and my teeth.

I try to find the air holes, the side doors,
momentary breathing escapes,
but I end up facing you sideways and upside down.

My heart is a knotted thorn patch,
lit up and miscalculated,
she wants to leave her wings behind,
finding a soft place to land.

I try to spell it out for you, alphabetize,
orderly and honestly,
yet I stumble into your sorrowful glances down.

I do not want to be destroyed by you, eaten alive,
broken and bloody,
picking up the pieces of me off the hardwood floor.

You do not want me to see the world, without you,
freedom is emergency,
your alarms ring through the blank night sky.

This life is a whirlwind,
torrential and ruthless,
I wander in and out of the possibility of flight.

This love is unsettled, fragile,
tipping and tilting,
and I am really not sure whether to be eaten or to indulge,
and yet,  I still believe in love.

Misguided Angel (live) :: Cowboy Junkies

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