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Lost In Translation :: Soundtrack Shout Out

In my forever top-five favorite movie list is Sofia Coppola’s amazing film, Lost In Translation. Everything about this film gets itself inside of me, delights me, makes me think, feel, open up, and usually cry some, as well. For me, the film is about loneliness, change, companionship, connection, and the unexpected love we find in people. It is about the conflict and confusion we all feel as we struggle to be true to who we are, still feeling that we are “growing-up” even when our age, would suggest that we are “grown-up” (we never are though, not really, not in the way we have been made to believe). Charlotte and Bob Harris are two of my forever favorite fictional characters, and share one of my favorite on-screen love stories, ever. The look and feel, and the music, in the film are incredible, too, taking me and pulling me into their world, in their moments of being lost, and found.

Lost In Translation Trailer


Charlotte sings Brass In Pocket

Bob Harris sings More Than This

One of the best moments in the film are when Charlotte and Bob go to a late night karaoke room and sing, Brass In Pocket (Charlotte) and More Than This (Bob). The connections, unspoken, though sung, that happen between them while they are singing are unshakable and mesmerizing to watch.

The scene/scenes are some of my favorite “music in movies” scenes, and also remind me of how much I love going out for karaoke nights.

Alone in Kyoto :: Air
with scenes from Lost In Translation

More Than This :: Roxy Music
with scenes from Lost In Translation



The ending of Lost In Translation is a perfect ending that leaves us with a tender moment between Charlotte and Bob Harris, with a much anticipated shared kiss, and a hell of a lot of mystery. We never know what Bob whispers to Charlotte, and for me, I love that we never know. I love the chance to sit back, close my eyes, and write my own “what happens next”, because I think there are so many ways their story could go that vary from never seeing each other again, going back to their spouses and their lives, and holding those sleepless nights together as a beautiful memory, or they could meet-up at a later time, at a different point of both their lives, and be something together, as Bob and Charlotte, in a real, day-to-day kind of way. And, of course, there are a million other tiny stories and scenarios that could take place, and that possibility, that not knowing, is fascinating and delicious, to me.

The whispered goodbye

Just Like Honey :: Jesus and Mary Chain
with scenes from the ending of Lost In Translation



What do you think Bob and Charlotte’s next chapter was?

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