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Inspired by a post I read this morning written by a wonderful fellow blogger (see post here) where he muses on the Bob Dylan impact, and the ever bandied he/she is “the next Bob Dylan” comparisons. I started thinking about Bob Dylan, and starting spinning some of his music while I worked on some writing, and got to thinking not about who I would say is “the next Bob Dylan” (because honestly I hate that kind of comparison, and try – though not always successfully – to not do that kind of thing when I review music), but what Bob Dylan songs I love the most, and that led me here, to today’s Top Five Tuesday.

So, here they are, my top five Dylan songs (even though, oh my stars, there are so much more than five that I love, but five is part of the game), and a bit of my words/thoughts to go along with them:

5. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

I ain’t saying you treated me unkind,
you could have done better but I don’t mind,
you just kinda wasted my precious time,
but don’t think twice,
it’s all right

We stood there on the balcony of some forgettable side-of-the-road motel, the kind for fake names and hidden wedding rings, and we said nothing much at all. You were still hiding so much, and I was still trying to hide. All the late night promises, the careless ways of how you were, I looked at you and just let it all go, the wasted time, and my cracked heart.

4. Just Like a Woman

But she breaks just like a little girl.”

I love the way this song takes to note that even a strong woman has a part of her that is fragile, something that is often forgotten in my life. Strong and a survivor, persistent and determined, and tough in many ways, when it comes to love I am soft and breakable, not something that should be treated with careless hands and hearts. It is such a precarious balance to teeter upon, trying so hard to be strong, when needing to be weak sometimes, as well, with someone strong.

3. Most of the Time

Most of the time it’s well understood.
Most of the time I wouldn’t change it if I could.
I can make it all match up,
I can hold my own,
I can deal with the situation right down to the bone.
I can survive and I can endure,
and I don’t even think about her,
most of the time

Walking off into the next chapter, knowing the page had to turn, that the book of us had to be returned, late fees paid, dog-eared pages repaired. Deep down we all know when it is time for the ending credits. Most of the time I know it was for the best, but there are days when it comes back, in spits and spurts, and a part of me falls apart (maybe you feel that way some of the time, too).

2. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Strike another match,
go start anew

Blue buys a hat at a side-of-the-road souvenir shop and a pair of over-sized sunglasses, and hits the road again. She is his favorite vagabond, he can never quite get enough of her, and he knows it. She waits for him at the corner, tilting her head to the side, showing off her crooked stance and smile, she knows this will be there last trip through the desert, their last goodbye.

1. Tangled Up in Blue

She was married when we first meet,
soon to be divorced,
I helped her out of a jam I guess,
but I used a little too much force.
We drove that car as far as we could,
abandoned it out West,
split it up on a dark sad night,
both agreeing it was best.
She turned around to look at me,
as I was walking away,
I heard her say over my shoulder,
“we’ll meet again someday on the avenue”

Blue met him again years later, she had grown older, a few lines by her eyes, and a slivering pulse of resentment in her blood, but she still knew how to make him smile. She had told him someday, even if she never quite believed it, and had wiped away tears as he drove his car into the night. She was never as good as she was when she was his.

6 thoughts on “Top five Tuesday :: Wondering if she’d changed at all

  1. I was listening to a Bob Dylan playlist when I stumbled across this timely post. I wholeheartedly concur on #1, #2 and #5. I was not familiar with #3 and #4 has always annoyed me. I would nominate “With God On Our Side” and “Love Minus Zero”.

    Great post.

    1. I’ve not heard 1 of your 2 choices…off to listen. Thanks for reading and sharing yours. Glad I could introduce you to #3, I believe I first heard it in a film (Wonder Boys, I think).

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