Kate Nash :: Girl Talk :: New Music Review


Kate Nash :: Girl Talk

Back in November I reviewed the pre-album EP of Kate Nash’s titled Death Proof (see here). I loved the EP and was anxiously awaiting the full album, Girl Talk, which came out today. Although there are songs I absolutely love on this album, including the ones I was already hopelessly devoted to from the EP, the album on a whole feels disjointed, and unfortunately, disappointing. There are too many lulls that run into haphazard, self-deprecating shouts that honestly just do not fit together. The power and punch, and sexiness, of the EP just seems to have gotten lost in the mix and I find myself skipping to the next song, more than once.

The highlights of the album are Death Proof and Friend? from the EP, and the closing number, Lullaby For An Insomniac, that honestly I was bound to love due to its title. It is sparse, spare and vulnerable in its a capella softness, lulling, and very much lullaby like, which works as a closing song.

The rest of the album just fell flat to me, and I feel unfortunately very bored listening to it. I wanted more of Death Proof, and I would have been okay if the album blended that sound with Kate’s older style, circa 2007’s Made of Bricks, which was infused with indie pop and tongue-in-cheek humor, which I also loved. I will just stick to both of those albums from here on out, until the next one comes around for me to give a spin.

Death Proof


Lullaby for an Insomniac


6 Replies to “Kate Nash :: Girl Talk :: New Music Review”

    1. I suppose so, though I tend to ignore “target audiences”. You are not missing much with this album, though.

      Who are some of your favorite musical artists/bands, besides Lana? x


      1. That is an impossible question! My tastes are very broad and cover many years and genres. Everything from rock to folk, world to classical, opera to indie, blues to americana.
        I like listening to new music. My life is full of music of all kinds.
        It is easier to say what I don’t like: manufactured pop, R&B, misogynistic rap.


      2. It was quite the unfair question to ask because I know how impossible it is to answer, and how much I loathe being asked it myself. Please forgive, just intrigued to know what you like, what you listen to. I would agree on what you don’t like. Cheers to a life full of music. x.


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