Mine’s the voice you never want to hear :: Two tune Saturday


Angel of Death :: Honeyhoney

I’m the angel of death, babe, the end is near.
Keep your hand on your chest,
don’t let me whisper in your ear.
It’s best to keep on walking

The End Result
(by me)

The pages of who I am are torn, twisted,
my favorite parts of this ripped out,
taped to the wall, folded into the lining of books,
of my bed sheets, moth-eaten and disintegrating,
all of this that meant so much, gone.

I look in the mirror, the image of myself is swaying,
my eyes twirl, cross, I feel that lingering dizziness,
this circus mirror, this hall of tricks, my mind,
they all keep pulling me back, and farther from you.

On the wall of life, where I staked my claim, me,
I was always the girl who was ready to turn herself inside out,
for anyone, changeable masks, divided hearts,
whatever you need come here, come and get it,
as parts of me went dripping off the slanted rooftops,
losing myself in lies, half-truths, secrets, doubts.

And here I stand, in front of you now,
my soul transparent for all to see, all the inconsistencies,
the great uriah heap of who I have become, who you thought me to be,
promises, pleading looks, a ring and a prayer,
they all crash down at my feet, and I scramble,
glue in hand, trying to put me back together again.

The cracks will show, they will stand out,
call attention to, scream to everyone, “look at me”,
these flaws will be my permanent record, life-scars,
and your name is there among them, the loss,
the many disappointments I seem to be to everyone now,
but I need to stand up again, I need to go on,
even if that means alone,
and even if that means staying here,
with mending needles and pins for repair.

No Help From God (live) :: Ryan Bingham

Some say that angels, were all looking down,
my only soul, vultures circling around.
With no help from god, the shadows fall,
sometimes the truth is scared of the dark


* Both bands/artists will be playing tonight at the House of Blues, in Anaheim, California. I will be there, you should, too, if you are in the area – tickets still available here.

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