Time (Clock of the Heart) :: Culture Club

The hardest part of losing someone and learning to let go are the little reminders, and the habits you have to break. The fact that you will still hear things, see things, experience things that you will want to share with the lost, and realizing that you cannot anymore. That the phone calls, and in-between conversations are all in the past. It is okay to be hurt and angry, and it is okay to curse expletives into the ether, and it is alright to have days when you forget, and days when you wish more than anything that someone could erase your memories completely. I still miss those I have lost, some days the missing is so all-consuming that it feels like it might take me over completely, but time still ticks on. Time is all we have, all we can give ourselves, in the promises of someday it will get better. Sometimes, though, we just need to take it easy on ourselves and let time do its own thing.

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