Top Five Tuesday :: I’m not a miracle, and you’re not a saint


Top Five Tuesday :: Damien Rice

I am not sure where I first heard Damien Rice’s music, though I half expect it was from a television show, as it seemed there was a time where any melancholic moment, or dramatic scene of heartbreak or longing, was accented by a Damien Rice number in the background.

The songs lived longer than the scenes, for me, and soon they became part of my own stories and scenes. I wore out two CD’s of O, and lost two copies of his B-Sides to friends who I leant it out to, and a song from 9 became part of a climatic scene in a story I have been writing. I have written many pieces of poetry and prose, and a few love letters, while listening to his music, and I have fallen in love, and picked myself up from such falls, while singing-a-long to his songs.

I know there are more stories and writing that will be accompanied by, and inspired by, his music for years to come, in my life.

Following are my top five favorites, not an easy list to compile as there are definitely more than five that mean the world to me, but I did my best:

5. Lonelily

I gave me away.
I could have knocked off the evening,
but I was lonelily looking for someone to hold.
In a way,
I lost all I believed in,
and I never found myself so low.
And you let me down

We made a plan to pack it all up and leave this town, for once, for finally, for good, and we sealed it with a kiss, and a promise. Everyone tried to warn me about you, that you could never tie yourself down to one, but I chose not to believe. You let me down, left me behind, left her perfume on your clothes and your promises far behind, and I never did leave this town.

4. Rootless Tree (live)

“What I want from this is learn to let go.
No, not of you.
of all that’s been told.
Killers re-invent and believe,
and this leans on me, like a rootless tree.”

The live version, from Abbey Road, is so much more powerful than the album version, it is almost like a different song, and it is the one I forever prefer. There is so much passion, so much pain, so much emotion that most of the time I end up in tears listening to it. I have been the killer, and I have been its victim, and either way, an ending of a relationship hurts like hell.

3. The Blower’s Daughter

And so it is.
The shorter story,
no love, no glory,
no hero in her sky

The first time they met he seemed larger than life to her, a hero out of costume come to save her from the rapid decline her life had become. She failed to see the holes in the story, the weaknesses that would take over, the selfish obsessions that would follow. He would let her down, letting her go too many times, until she was bruised and broken from the falls.

2. Amie

Amie come sit on my wall,
and read me the story of O,
and tell it like you still believe,
that the end of the century,
brings a change for you and me

It is the stuff of well-worn books and memorized movie scripts that promises a someday for two star-crossed lovers. I scoff at such stories to most everyone, but secretly close my eyes and wish it to be true. But, are there really such possibilities when two people meet at the wrong end of a timeline, or do they just become forever stuck in the in-between the lines?

1. Delicate (live)

We might kiss,
when we are alone,
when nobody’s watching we might take it home.
We might make out,
when nobody’s there,
it’s not that we’re scared,
it’s just that it’s delicate

Impossible promises were made because there was no other words to say that either could hear, but they were impossible all the same. She carried them with her, regardless, tucked deep inside where no one else could see. Each day that passed, every hour that ticked by, so far away, slowly cracked the most delicate parts of her, where she kept her dreams, and those impossible promises.

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