I cannot go to the ocean :: video of the day

Almost Lover (live) :: A Fine Frenzy

She told me the pier was cursed, that the spot that overlooks the sea was where love was both found and lost, and that in the end there would only be heartbreak left. I took you there with me anyway, holding your hand even though I knew we were nothing but bad timing and long distances and crossing lines we never should have stepped across. The missing you never ends, never. But, I have the pier, I have the ocean, and I have our words thrown across to each other, two people who have never really let go of each other. But, on days like this, in times like these, I wish you would meet me at that coffee place near the pier, order a couple of lattes, walk with me on the pier, holding my hand, without promises or consequence, just because we both want to be there.

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