And we the masqueraders who believe we have it made :: song of the day


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Derek Gores

(by me)

You bring me your regrets,
wrapped up in holiday paper,
pretty and blind,
like the sinewy insides of my love,
for you.

I glance at the pages,
highlight your misspelled sentiment with bright red ink,
whisper my awakening,
through our life megaphone,
you just cover your ears,
bleed indifference,
my way.

My heart is imbalanced,
rotating on a for sale cheap bargain basement table,
everyone stops by to take a look,
offer advice,
tell me again how I am wrong,
I am wrong.

I gather up the package of broken words,
shards of conversations that still echo on all four corners of this room,
see our bed sheets are covered in dust,
all passion is fleeting,
flew off,
ran away,
without me.

Yet I still linger at the edge of our final curtain,
shuffling my feet,
humming the song of forget,
wandering back into a rhetorical state of mind,
and you,
you catch me there,
snap a photo,
freeze my indecision,
for now.

Here on Earth :: Love and Rockets

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