Friday Five :: It’s all she loves, it’s all she hates, it’s all too much for her to take

L.A. Song (live) :: Beth Hart
Friday Five

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1) My never ending love/hate relationship with Los Angeles.

2) A certain dive bar and the people that frequent it, the way it feels inside, the atmosphere and the conversations, the expectations and the desperation, and that “I want to get the hell out of here” emotional response I have had within it, on occasion.

3) That I wish I had continued playing piano.

4) Long cross-country drives with bags in the back and naive hopes that this time, this place, this change will make all the difference.

5) The book God-Shaped Hole, and how Trixie and Jacob felt about LA, and how much I understood it, and how much I understood them.

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