You Are Home :: Music flickers on the screen


List the Songs for Your Music Biopics  and Documentaries courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists

1. Almost Famous

2. The Doors

3. The Coal Miner’s Daughter

4. A Star is Born

5. Backbeat

6. The Jazz Singer

7. The Commitments

8. Control

9. Walk the Line

10. Amadeus

11. Sid and Nancy

12. Purple Rain

13. 24 Hour Party People

14. Killing Bono

15. Dogs in Space

16. The Runaways

17. Sweet Dreams

18. Velvet Goldmine

19. Last Days

20. Across the Universe

21. Sound City

22. Imagine

23. The Devil and Daniel Johnston

24. Sing Blue Silver

25. The Rose

26. I’m Your Man

27. Satisfaction

28. The Thing Called Love

29. A Hard Day’s Night

30. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

2 Replies to “You Are Home :: Music flickers on the screen”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Really some of my faves…and I’ve never heard of “Killing Bono!” Have you seen it? Loved your Friday movie theme too, wish so badly I could take you to coffee and talk and talk and talk!!!


    1. I have seen Killing Bono – it is really fun, and I think you would really like it, Tracy! Also, I wish that very much…we need many coffee afternoons to talk and talk and talk, but I am grateful to know you, and for us to communicate and talk and talk and talk in the ways we can with all the miles in-between. I appreciate our friendship so much.


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