Juno :: Soundtrack Shout Out

I am an Indie Movie lover. One glimpse at my list of favorite films will reveal that though there are exceptions, my most loved movies are those that are of the Indie variety, so much so that awhile back I was cataloging and reviewing, and celebrating, my Indie movie finds (editor’s note: this feature to return in March). I think my love for these films has to do with the writing, the character development, and the music – as a writer, and a music lover/obsessive, these things count with me. Juno, definitely on my list of favorite movies, is an Indie that I love, a romantic comedy that I actually enjoy, and has one hell of a soundtrack.


All I Want Is You :: Barry Louis Polisar
opening of Juno

Anyone Else But You :: Michael Cera and Ellen Page
ending scene of Juno

The ending scene is so beautiful to me, their voices together, open and connected, vulnerable, real, it is just this lovely little moment to end the film with. I love the love they have, and end up with, it is one of my favorite things about the film. I also love the family dynamic that is portrayed her, in all its good and bad points, and how they all react to the challenges and mistakes that are made. Juno’s relationship with her father is my most favorite, especially in the tender, honest moments between them, moments that hold some of my favorite quotes from the film about life, love, compassion, forgiveness, and going on.


All the Young Dudes :: Mott the Hoople

Superstar :: Sonic Youth

Sea of Love :: Cat Power

Anyone Else But You :: The Moldy Peaches


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