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Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)



Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.” ~ Luisa

I sometimes wonder if it is only when we feel our mortality, and see the end of something, be it our life or a relationship, that we are willing to really put ourselves out into the world, risk and live fully? I have had moments like that, when my mortality, or the life span of love, has met me face-to-face, and instead of fear I felt revived, I felt brave, I felt like running and jumping and leaping – and in some cases – driving.

The world and the road, romance, sex, love, music, jukeboxes in dive bars, and the comfort of being in the company of people who do not know you all that well, has such a desirous appeal, especially when one is facing some kind of an ending. Sometimes you have to just dive in, swim for your life, get lost of a little bit, and try to live right now, in the now.

Jukebox scene


Here Comes the Mayo :: Moltov

To Love Somebody :: Eagle Eye Cherry

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