Temporary Sunshine
(by me)

You spent the Summer in Boston, or so you said,
haunting old bars and musty library stalls,
but, I was never sure whether to believe in your words,
by then.

We lay in the sun that morning,
high in the clouds,
my body twitching from the chemicals within,
with you,
your arms linked,
us intertwined,
our dyed hair blending into the rocks and dirt,
dust in my mouth,
still tasting of you.

Those conversations are blurry to me now,
mixed up in the smell of your jacket,
the way your lips felt,
in the ways I wanted it to spell love,
to be something more than just a simple sunrise,
with you.

We were all about those stolen moments,
a pot of tea and grass to smoke,
in the back of James’ apartment,
he never liked you,
did you know that?
He thought you tangled me up too much,
too frequently.

You did.

I was supposed to forget about us,
you were only meant to be a cherry flavored one-night stand,
the purple pen letters you bled to me,
sketching a butterfly on the curve of my spine,
with our tongue,
with your teeth,
with your sting.

We made love in the back of my old Honda Civic,
and then stole peaches and a grapefruit from your Mother’s back porch,
did she hear us come in that night,
wonder which one I was to you?

I know I met you at this challenging part of me,
my life,
and you,
you were the danger I sought after,
the poison in my well,
but I kept falling back into you,
searching your dark eyes for more,
for something,
for answers.

Your name was interchanging,
you words false,
an elaborate illusion,
I fell for it,
all of it,
wrapping your hair into dread locks,
following you home like a shadow,
like some kind of surrender.

I was never good with deception,
with letting go.
Watching you walk back into the alley of goodbyes,
seeing you again,
and the shattered reality of what it really meant.

I wanted more than that ring you slid on me,
much more than that bloody disregard of the next time I saw you,
more than just a memory of a few sleepless nights,
you turning up the volume on my car radio,
play that song again, beautiful.

You are my short term effect, you,
oh how I love you, you,
and what’s your name again?”

you are my short term effect, you, and what
was your name again?

A Short Term Effect :: The Cure

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  1. A while back I wrote down a note while listening to music. I came across the note today. It’s:
    “Colors that flicker in water :: song of the day”
    Can you provide the artist behind this music?

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