I’m in love with illusion so saw me in half :: video of the day

You Are What You Love (live) :: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

It’s a sleight of hand, a white soul band,
the heart attacks I’m convinced I have every morning upon waking.
To you I’m a symbol,
or a monument,
your rite of passage to fulfillment.
But I’m not yours for the taking

Sometimes the greener grass and the missing puzzle pieces seem to be the lack that keeps you from really living, but perhaps that is just the endless excuse to rip open your soul and choose to live here and now, with unshakeable honesty, vulnerability, allowing yourself to stay still and not look beyond today. Dreams become an artist’s canvas, and you dance among the caricatures and heart-beaten half-truths, waking up breathless and full of longing. It is easy to hide there, to project only illusion, to become the ideal in someone else’s dream, leaving your own behind. It is never about who loves us back, is it, not when we divert our eyes when we look in the mirror.

It is okay to be a little lost, a lot conflicted, and vulnerable, and to love even if it is never returned. Submit our hearts, our desires, even though the world expects us to control every path taken, and left behind. We are what we love.

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