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Into the Wild :: Soundtrack Shout Out

My Grandfather loved to drive, loved to see new places, loved the open road and change. His day-to-day life was full of routine and stress, and he had struggled more than most trying to carve out a living as a young Mexican immigrant in a city that was full of distrust and bigotry. He was constantly reminded that he had married above him, and had to work harder to prove himself to nearly everybody he met, which meant he worked nearly all of the time. But, on the rare free moments he would always want to get in the car, or later his cherished motor home, and just drive. I fell in love with the road, with road trips, with travel, and with exploring and adventure alongside him, ever making him promise that he would always take him with me. He told me once I had a gypsy soul, just like his, and he was right.

Into the Wild captures the spirit and soul that lives within me, and that lived within my Grandfather. Though parts of it break my heart, the majority of the movie, of the story itself, is full of soaring moments of inspiration and awe to me. And the music, the soundtrack by a favorite artist of mine, Eddie Vedder is inspired and just perfectly right. I do not know what I love more, the story, the film, or the soundtrack. This is a film that definitely deserves a soundtrack shout-out.

Into the Wild trailer

Rise :: Eddie Vedder (with scenes from Into the Wild)

Meeting Tracy.

Angel from Montgomery :: Kristen Stewart and Emile Hirsch

Society :: Eddie Vedder

Guaranteed :: Eddie Vedder (with scenes from Into the Wild)

My favorite song from the film, and one of my all-time favorite songs ever. One of those songs that speaks/sings directly to my soul.

If ever there was someone to keep me at home,
it would be you

The lyrics above are one of the most beautiful lines of love I have ever read/heard. It brings tears to my eyes and makes my soul ache hearing it, in a good way, a good way kind of ache.

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